Cogent are a valued business partner for RS Components. Their Continuous Improvement approach has allowed us to make significant improvements to Accounts Payable automation.

Our automation rate is on average 85%. 
Mary McNeish
RS Components

Cogent Consulting is here to develop long-term relationships with customers to maximise their investment in SAP.

We offer proven solutions and practical advice to achieve this and our approach, from pre-sales to delivery, is cited by our customers as a refreshing alternative to large consultancies and software vendors.

When deploying a solution we use our expertise in SAP and Best Practices to plan and execute projects and our objective is to design and deliver solutions that truly deliver the promised benefits.

Innovative Solutions

Reporting for Invoices Cockpit
Report in SAP on all key performance & process improvement metrics on your invoices & workflows in the Invoices Cockpit.

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Archive Any
Cost effective scanning & archiving to any SAP object. For example, scan supplier invoices & attach them to the SAP Finance document to view the image in SAP.

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Request Centre

Cogent Consulting let the solutions and references do the talking.... 

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A-iP, the managed einvoicing and OCR service for SAP customers hits the 1,000,000 documents mark eight months after launch.

A-iP accepts invoices from suppliers in any format and delivers 100% electronic invoice data into the buyers SAP system. The tools delivered in SAP as part of the service will automatically post invoices in SAP if all the configured checks are passed, which means the Accounts Payable team only have to process exceptions. 

Exceptions are workflowed automatically according to business rules and users are able to access the workflows via SAP, SRM or web pages with access to an invoice image.
The reporting delivered with the service provides performance metrics by company code, purchasing group, plant or any custom field by vendor and by user (AP and business user).

A-iP customers can report on first-time posting statistics and exception reasons and also see which users/vendors are generating the error reasons and report on how long they take to resolve them!

No hardware or specialist skills are required to manage OCR or supplier on-boarding in-house, so the total cost of ownership lower and the service can be implemented in weeks.

Visit our A-iP website for more information or call us on 01536 262646 to arrange a live demonstration of the solution from receipt to post on SAP. We would also be happy for you to visit the A-iP Service Centre to see the process in action in a production environment.