Wilts (AR)

Having gone live with AP automation, Wilts set Cogent the next challenge, which was to help them scan and link signed Proof of Deliveries to the Delivery Note in SAP. Having the signed Proof of Delivery available in SAP means Credit Controllers are able to email a copy of the POD to a customer during cash collection activities.

Wilts have 63 branches with drivers delivering goods to customers equating to 20,000 POD’s. The legacy process was for the driver to scan the signed POD to save in a shared drive. Credit Control, based at the head-office in Trowbridge, had to search the shared drive manually every time they wanted to send a POD to a customer, which was impractical. 

Wilts decided to use Cogent Consulting’s ArchiveAny solution, which enables the scanning, indexing and archiving of any document type to any business object.

Delivery Notes are printed out of Wilts SAP system with a barcode that is the delivery number in SAP. There was no change at the branches as the drivers continued to scanning their signed POD’s at the end of each day and ArchiveAny picks them up in the background and archives them against the delivery in SAP by reading the barcode. The result is that Credit Control have immediate access to the signed POD if customers request a copy during cash collection. ArchiveAny also provides an error handling transaction in SAP to manually index documents where the barcode could not be read. 

Wilts decided it would be beneficial to link the POD’s already scanned in the shared drive over the previous 12 months, but this was a significant task as it equated to about 400,000 images. Cogent Consulting provided a managed service to Wilts where we imported the scanned images to ArchiveAny, managed the indexing and exported the data/image to SAP via a secure connection for archiving against the delivery in SAP. The service was completed in about 4 weeks and here are some comments from Graham Woodward – Head of AP and AR at Wilts

Visit our ArchiveAny website for more information or contact us to arrange a live demonstration of the solution.