AP Automation

Automating Accounts Payable in SAP

Automating Accounts Payable is about:

   - Removing the keying of invoices by the AP team
   - Ability to post the invoice automatically in SAP
   - Utilising electronic workflow to deal with invoice queries
   - Using electronic invoice images throughout the process
   - Having complete control of the AP invoicing process
   - Enabling continuous improvement

We have helped our customers resolve a number of key issues with our Automated Accounts Payable Solution. These issues included;

   - Managing increasing volume of invoices
   - Suppliers being paid late (supplies put on hold, receive multiple copy invoices, etc)
   - Invoice query process was too cumbersome to manage
   - Invoice query resolution by the business users was to slow
   - AP team fed up with keying invoices
   - Large numbers of invoices ‘Parked’
   - Morale of AP team low
   - Poor visibility of total liabilities
   - Too much paper involved in the process

Our solution is simple. Convert paper and PDF invoices to electronic data via scanning and OCR and take electronic invoices in any format. Send this data into SAP to the ‘Invoices Cockpit’ to manage the purchase order line-item matching and data checking within SAP. If the invoice passes all the data checks and matching it can be posted automatically. If not the Invoices Cockpit will clearly highlight the issue with the invoice, enabling delta processing.

An overview of the solution is shown below.

 A-ip Process Overview

The Automated Accounts Payable solution can deliver considerable benefits to your organisation.

To make this work in your organisation this is not a big complex project, typical installation occurs within 6 to 8 weeks, with our quickest project from start to go live being 12 days.