How it Works

We'll provide you with all the ingredients you need for a successful introduction and rollout of early payments. Those ingredients include a user-friendly vendor portal for buyers and suppliers to manage the process, supplier on-boarding and banking facilities if required.

In addition, we'll provide a comprehensive module inside your SAP® system that allows you to manage discounts globally for supplier groups or individual suppliers, as well as the freedom to define your liquidity threshold. Do you want to know how much cash you committed and the returns you achieved? Our real-time reporting tool arms you with this information and even provides the option to include bank financing.

Here's How it Works

Suppliers receive email notifications as soon as an invoice is available to pay early and the portal enables the supplier to list the invoices available to Pay Me Early, see below.

Suppliers can click on Pay Me Early and the system will dynamically calculate a discount based on the APR set by Treasury, the due date of the invoice and the date the supplier selects for early payment, see below.

Once the supplier submits the early payment request, treasury have the option of reviewing the early payment request or providing the liquidity limit has not been breached; the portal can immediately update the payment run in SAP with the discounted amount and payment date.

Treasury are in full control of the liquidity limits and APR for suppliers and real-time communication with SAP means that once the liquidity limit has been reached; the facility will no longer be available to suppliers.

The SAP Treasury module provided with the solution is managed within the familiar SAP environment and the reporting and analysis features enable treasury to monitor and optimise the program based on comprehensive reporting data.

We have developed a modelling tool to help customers develop a business case for their organisation based on our experience implementing Dynamic Discounting programs for other customers and we would be happy to provide a live demonstration of the functionality if you would like to contact us for more information.