E-Invoicing Service

A-iP is an e-invoicing service for SAP users which will take receipt of invoices from your suppliers in any format including paper, email and electronic files and deliver the data/image electronically in to your SAP system within 24 hours of receipt.

The electronic data/image is transferred to the Invoices Cockpit in SAP for data-validation, checking and posting. The image is electronically archived in to the SAP archive for retrieval throughout the process and via SAP postings.

As you have many Suppliers the e-invoicing solution allows the Supplier to send invoices in the format of their choice. As a result of this multiple file formats are received, which are converted into the same single file format for you to process. This multi-to-single approach allows Suppliers to connect and send invoices in their chosen format thus simplifying their task of sending you electronic invoices. Suppliers receive notification that the invoice has been received. 

For more details go to our dedicated A-iP website: