Invoice Scanning

The invoice scanning process is about quickly scanning and extracting invoice data to pass to SAP for validation and posting. The process starts with the physical scanning of the paper invoices. We recommend using A3 wide scanners with sheet feeders to mass scan invoices and we recommend Fujitsu scanners as they have performed well on previous implementations.

Once scanned the invoice is read by the OCR interpret engine. The OCR engine uses self learning technology to improve the accuracy of data collection from invoices. This is achieved by recognising the Supplier’s invoices using either, a logo, telephone number or VAT registration number. In practice what this means is that the first time a Supplier’s invoice has been seen by the system, the OCR engine will guess which data fields are to be extracted from the invoice, a user then would confirm or correct those fields using Verify. The next invoice from that Supplier would be processed automatically with all the correct data extracted.

An image of the original invoice is archived and all the extracted data together with a link to the invoice image are transferred to SAP. Visit our Invoices Cockpit pages to see how it works in SAP.

If you want to learn more, please contact us to arrange a live demonstration using your own suppliers invoices.