Invoices Cockpit

The Invoices Cockpit is the Accounts Payable Control Centre that manages the invoice documents received into SAP. The Invoices Cockpit provides a single view of all invoices and their status, whether they are posted, parked, in error, rejected or on a workflow to resolve a query. The Invoices Cockpit resides in SAP and is accessed through SAP GUI.

The Invoices Cockpit can receive and manage data from Invoice Scanning, Emails, E-invoicing networks, Portals, EDI and any electronic files.

The Invoices Cockpit manages the invoice from receipt through to posting in SAP including;

     - Matching to your master data and purchase orders (line items);

     - Posting rules to process invoices automatically on receipt;

     - Operates in conjunction with existing SAP tolerance matching rules (3 way and 2 way match);

     - Workflow for managing the distribution of invoices in query for resolution;

     - Automatic posting on successful completion of Workflow

How it works

Having received documents from the OCR or E-invoicing system the Invoices Cockpit then automatically creates an Invoices Cockpit Document, uniquely numbering each invoice, archiving and linking the image to the Invoices Cockpit Document. The invoice data is checked automatically and if it is an invoice for Purchase Order, line item matching is performed. This will be repeated if more than one Purchase Order is quoted on the invoice. If the invoice passes all the validations it can be posted automatically.

Having received the documents into the Invoices Cockpit, the Accounts Payable user can access the Cockpit to:

     - View all the invoices received;

     - View the audit trail of posting checks to quickly identify problems to be resolved;

     - Initiate Workflow for business users to resolve invoice queries;

     - View the invoice data, purchase order data and invoice image on a single screen.

See How it works section for more detail.

Fully Configurable

The Invoices Cockpit is fully configurable to meet the requirements of each customer. The Invoices Cockpit has its own implementation guide (IMG) in SAP through which changes to the configuration can be managed and transported through your SAP landscape.

The implementation of the Invoices Cockpit does not change any of your existing SAP customisation settings and none of your SAP customisation needs to be changed to operate the Invoices Cockpit. The Invoices Cockpit makes use of finance configuration already set in your SAP system.

Please contact us to arrange a live demonstration of the Invoices Cockpit. We would be happy to demonstrate the solution working with your data from scanning through to posting in SAP.