How It Works

Paper invoices are scanned and converted to electronic images. The data is extracted from the electronic image using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The solution uses freeform OCR technology to read the whole invoice and applying any previous knowledge of that supplier to extract the correct header and line item data fields.

Prior to sending the information to SAP the data captured during in the OCR phase can be checked to verify any potential data capture issues, an example of the Verify screen is displayed below.

When the OCR data is transferred to SAP the Invoices Cockpit automatically checks and performs line item matching of the invoice information. The Invoice Cockpit will automatically post invoices without any errors. The invoice image is archived for retrieval throughout the process.

In the Cockpit overview screen a simple visual document status is provided showing posted invoices with a green circle icon and invoices with an error having a red square icon. The second icon column displays the status of the workflow, if the invoice has been sent on a Web Cycle to resolve an invoice query. See example below.

Any document in the overview screen can be viewed in detail. The detail screen can show the invoice header, invoice line items, purchase order details and the invoice image on a single screen in SAP. The Accounts Payable user can use the detail screen to correct errors and post the document. If the invoice requires a business user to resolve a query then the appropriate Web Cycle workflow can be launched from this screen. Detail screen shown below.

The business user will receive an email and by following the link in the email can connect to a Web Page to view the invoice query and the invoice image. See Web App example below.

On completion of the Web Cycle workflow the invoice is checked and posted.