P-Card Processing

Procurement Cards in their various forms are widely used in the Public Sector as a means of payment.

Business users procure goods/services using their P-Card, the vendor gets paid by the bank and the bank gets paid by the buying organisation at the end of the month, often by direct debit. The bank then provides a file to the buying organisation to reconcile the payments in SAP.

Our Invoices Cockpit solution includes functionality to upload P-Card files and generate the postings in SAP for reconciliation against the payments. The P-Card functionality enables the following:

- Uploading of any P-Card file format

- Cockpit documents created containing the data in the file;

- Document per card-holder by vendor

- Line item matching and auto-posting (PO Based transactions)

- GL account defaulted from MCC and Cost Centre (non PO transactions)

- Cost Centre defaulted based on card-holder (non PO transactions)

- Tax codes defaulted based on Level 1/2/3 data

- Image generated and linked to the Cockpit document

- Workflow for coding and approval;

- Automatically launched based on the PO or card-holder

- Accessed via SAP or Browser with access to the image

- Review coding eg. GL, Cost Centre, Tax Code

- Option to upload VAT invoice/receipt for Level 1 transaction VAT reclaim

- Automatic posting of documents on release from workflow

- Reporting for spend management and user compliance

 See P-Card Cockpit for more details.