P-Card Cockpit

The P-Card Cockpit is the Accounts Payable Control Centre that manages the uploading and reconciliation of P-Card files from all the major banks. The P-Card Cockpit provides a single view of all P-Card transactions and their status, whether they are posted, un-posted or on a workflow to resolve a query. The P-Card Cockpit resides in SAP and is accessed via SAP GUI by accounts payable or via email and web pages by business users resolving workflows.

The P-Card Cockpit imports files received in CSV, Excel or XML file formats and creates a document with line items for each card-holder. Documents can be pre-coded from a Commodity Code lookup table and cost centre information provided in the file from the bank or from the card-holder details in SAP. The P-Card Cockpit can also make use of Purchase Orders to match and post transactions automatically according to business rules.

P-Card Statements are generated for each card-holder in PDF format and linked to the document created in the P-Card Cockpit, see screenshot below.

P-Card Cockpit Workflows can be launched automatically or manually for the card-holder to adjust the coding and rules-based approvals can be customised to meet business process requirements. Card-holders will receive an email and by following the link in the email can connect to a Web Page to review the workflow, see example screenshot below.

The business user can view the PDF statement, adjust the coding, attach files such as receipts or tax invoices, approve, reject or forward documents and add notes.

The documents can be posted automatically once the process has been completed according to the customised rules. The audit trail of changes and approvals along with the image are linked to the financial postings in SAP and the system can be setup to manage balances through reconciliation accounts. Card supplier balances and payments can also be cleared as part of the process.

The solution includes standard reporting to monitor spend and measure the performance of users responding to their P-Card workflows.

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