To support the Accounts Payable team Web Cycle Workflow is used to electronically workflow invoices to ‘Users’ within the organisation to resolve queries. The Web Cycle Workflow is launched from the Invoices Cockpit. Typically different workflows are configured to resolve different invoice queries, e.g. Missing Goods Receipts, Price Differences outside tolerances, Invoice Coding and Approvals.

After a Web Cycle Workflow is launched the recipient User can receive email notification, into their desktop email system, of an invoice requiring query resolution. The recipient can access their workflow from either within SAP using the Web Cycle Cockpit transaction or via web pages using an internet browser.

All updates made by the recipient in the Web Cycle workflow are recorded in the Invoices Cockpit, along with the current status. Reminders emails can be sent to prompt Users to process overdue queries. Substitutes Users can be set to process invoices for periods of planned and unplanned absence.

Approval audit trails are recorded in a separate document that is archived and attached with the invoice image against the SAP posting document.

For screenshot examples, click to see How it works.

Fully Configurable

The Web Cycle Workflow is fully configurable to meet the invoce query requirements of each customer. The Web Cycle Workflow has its own implementation guide (IMG) in SAP through which changes to the configuration can be managed and transported through your SAP landscape.

The implementation of the Web Cycle Workflow does not use SAP Workflow as standard and therefore any Web Cycle Customisation does not change or affect any of your existing SAP customisation settings.