AR Cash Collection

Credit Control in standard SAP AR reflects an ordered world where invoices are issued and payments are received. Our experience is that SAP users live in a different world of queried invoices, delayed payments, and with customer organisations that don’t match the SAP payment processes of the users.

Typically the user response is to extract the SAP Aged Debt report into an external function (e.g. Excel) to reorganise debtor data to meet their cash collections requirements. Adding notes on Customer Masters and scheduling calls in Outlook leads to data being maintained outside SAP; difficulty in sharing information and a lack of management controls.

Business users can play a valuable role in resolving disputes through customer relationships but communicating and enforcing timely dispute resolution is typically unstructured and time consuming.

Cogent Consulting developed Collections Plus as an in-SAP solution delivering the flexibility and functionality that reflects the real world. 

See Collections Plus and see the overview for more details.