The Collections strategy, as defined in the customisation section of the Collections Plus system automatically generates collection documents and activities based on invoice date or due date. The predefined collection activities provided: plans tasks for the Credit Control team to execute; or generates correspondence automatically; delivers a range of further configurable activities for user selection.

The Credit Controllers can access their activities and collection documents using the Collections Plus system, selecting their organisational responsibility, as shown below.

When run the selected collection documents are displayed in an overview screen, see below.

The overview screen can sort the information to be displayed in the sequence the Credit Controller requires. From the overview screen all collections documents for a single customer can be extracted and displayed together using the customer overview function see below.

The individual document display has a number of tabs to display the document and activity details. Unlimited text can be stored against each document and activity to record collection progress.

A comprehensive suite of reports is provided for management to monitor progress, DSO and Credit Controller activities.

Please contact us to arrange a live demonstration of Collections Plus.