Document Management

Our process automation solutions often make use of SAP™ Certified Document Management Systems to manage the storage and retrieval of images throughout the process.

If a customer does not have an archive available; we help customers make the right choices for their both their immediate and long-term requirements.

Our starting point is always to re-use an existing Document Management System or alternatively we recommend using Microsoft Sharepoint as the document archive with our process automation solutions. 

Sharepoint also provides the foundation for an enterprise document management solution enabling Sharepoint as the front-end for search and retrieval of all documents and data stored in SAP™. 

For customers that do not have an existing document management system or want to make use of Sharepoint; SAP™ Content Server is a valid option as a point solution or as an interim archive until an enterprise document management system can be utilised.

We have also helped many customers migrate legacy document management systems to other archives eg. Sharepoint or SAP™ Content Server. The savings achieved from not having to pay maintenance or upgrade fees on the legacy archive has often been used to fund the implementation of, for example, our AP Automation Solution.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements, so please contact us for more information.