Archive Any

ArchiveAny is a simple, cost effective solution to scan and archive documents in SAP™.


Document Management in SAP has traditionally been dominated by proprietary solutions that are overly complex, expensive and overkill for most customer’s needs.

ArchiveAny provides the tools you need to scan or import, index and archive any document type to any business object in SAP™ to be retrieved and viewed from within standard SAP™ transactions.

ArchiveAny includes Kofax Express, which is a simple front-end scanning tool with the look and feel of Microsoft Office. Kofax Express can be installed on any desktop and works with any make and model of scanner.

Pre-configured templates are available for various business scenarios including; 

  - Scanning purchase invoices to link with the parked or posted document in SAP

  - Scanning signed proof of delivery to link with delivery in SAP

  - Scanning customer correspondence with the customer master in SAP

The user selects the scenario from a drop down in Kofax Express, which prompts the user to enter the required indexing information. The image and indexing is exported to SAP and the SAP Connector links the image to the appropriate SAP Business Object.

ArchiveAny makes use of any archive attached to SAP to store the image or alternatively we provide options to store the image in SAP Content Server or Microsoft Sharepoint.

Using Microsoft Sharepoint provides the possibility of pulling additional metadata from SAP to Sharepoint which enables search and retrieval of SAP data and images from the Sharepoint interface.

ArchiveAny is simple to install, simple to use and available to download completely free of charge for a 15 day trial period with no obligation to buy.

Visit our ArchiveAny website for more information, including pricing. Or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a telephone call with a consultant.