Archive Any Links works in conjunction with SAP™ GUI. By selecting the Archive Any Links icon all the related data from your SAP™ transactional or master data is displayed in the Archive Any Links application from all of your open SAP™ GUI sessions. 

The Links application shows documents stored in SAP™, documents stored in shared folder locations and a notes history of notes entered from the application across three distinct tabs.

This means that all external notes and documents can be stored and retrieved in one click when accessing the data in SAP™.

This allows SAP™ users to add related documents, emails and add notes to any SAP™ transactional data for other users to access, view and update when necessary. 

For example, users dealing with customer invoices (FBL5N) and deliveries (VL03) can add notes from phone calls, copies of emails received and access any attached documentation when viewing the documents in SAP™. Purchasing users can perform the same with Contracts, Materials, Purchase Orders and Purchase Invoices. Human Resources with employee documents attached to the personnel record, leave request and appraisals.

Visit the Archive Any website for more information including a free 15-day trial and pricing.