Archive Any Scan provides the tools you need to scan or import, index and archive any document type to any business object in SAP™; enabling users to retrieve and view images from within standard SAP™ transactions.

Archive Any Scan is packaged with Kofax Express, which is a simple front-end scanning tool with the look and feel of Microsoft Office. Kofax Express can be installed on any desktop and works with any make and model of scanner. 

It works by the user selecting the document type to scan from a drop down in Kofax Express. The Kofax Express software controls and manages the scanning of the batch of documents and creates an image for each scanned document. The scanned images are then presented in the Indexing screen to enter the SAP™ document indexes for archiving and linking to the SAP™ document. Once the indexing is completed the export function transfers the data to your SAP™ Archive and connects the archived image to the SAP™ data. If you incorrectly index a document the system will highlight the document for correction. The indexing and storage in the Archive happens instantaneously and the linked images are available to be viewed from the related SAP™ transaction(s).

Archive Any Scan works with any document type and the product includes ready to use, pre-configured templates for many document types including: Purchase Iinvoices, Proof of Delivery, Customer Purchase Orders, Shipping Documents, Asset Documents, Material Documents Employee related Documents and Contracts.

Visit the Archive Any website for more detailed information including a free 15-day trial and pricing.