SAP Scanning Service

Our Managed Service will Scan, Index and Link any document type to any business object in SAP™. The service enables users to retrieve the images in via their favourite SAP™ GUI transactions. Some of the most popular document types and transactions include: 

  • Accounts Payable Invoice eg. FB03
  • Proof of Delivery eg. VL03N
  • Customer Purchase Orders eg. VA03
  • Shipping documentation eg. VL03N or VL33N
  • HR Records eg. PA20

Our managed service can either be used as an ongoing service or used short term to clear back-logs and empty filing cabinets to free up office space.

The service is charged on a per document basis with no set-up costs or minimum contract terms and the service is available for any type of document that you want to link to SAP™.

We provide the services from UK based service centres and we offer flexible contracts and simple pricing, so contact us to discuss your requirements. Archive Any software powers our Managed Services and it's available to buy if you want to perform scanning in-house. Visit the Archive Any website for more information on purchasing the software.