Our SAP™ Certified solutions enable Sharepoint to be used as a document and enterprise content management system with SAP™ via SAP™ ArchiveLink.

Scanned images or electronic documents can be archived in Sharepoint and linked to any SAP™ Business Object for retrieval via Sharepoint or SAP™ transactions. During the archiving process, metadata from the SAP™ document is stored as an index in Sharepoint, which means Sharepoint can be used as a front-end search tool to view SAP™ documents and data.

Once Sharepoint is linked to SAP™ via iNet DM for one business process, it can easily and cost effectively be re-used by any business area to share and collaborate on documents, emails and notes; both inside SAP™ and Sharepoint. The solution also includes SAP™ data-archiving to free up disk space on SAP™ and improve performance of the SAP™ database.

Our AP Automation and AR Automation solutions can both make use of Sharepoint as the archive to store images. 

Sharepoint can also be used with out our ArchiveAny solution to scan and archive any document type against any SAP™ Business Object for retrieval via Sharepoint or SAP™! Some examples include:

  • Link signed proof of deliveries to SAP™ Delivery
  • Link customer correspondence to SAP™ Sales Order, Customer Master, Delivery etc..
  • Link customer purchase orders to SAP™ Sales Order
  • Link vendor contracts to SAP™ Vendor Master
  • Link paper purchase requisition to SAP™ Purchase Order
  • Link supplier invoices & employee expenses to SAP™ Invoice
  • Link bills of lading to SAP™ Material Master
  • Link employee records to SAP™ HR Records

The possibilities are endless so contact us to find out more about how Sharepoint can be used as a document system with SAP™.