Statement Reconciliation

It's often difficult for AP departments to find the time for supplier statement reconciliation, which can result in credits being missed, increased write-off's and GR-IR inbalances. enables all supplier statements to be uploaded and automatically matched across multiple ERP systems in seconds. Accounts Payable manage the exceptions only and vendors can be notified of discrepancies on their statements via the tool. The solution also provides a comprehensive audit report for the manager to sign off for internal/external audit.

The solution gives you the opportunity to reconcile every statement from every supplier, every month of the year, which can deliver significant benefits and savings including:

   - 75% reduction in FTE's 
   - Increased control & visibility, not just at audit time
   - Capture all credits and reduce write off's
   - Spot discrepancies eg. Credits posted as invoices
   - ROI in less than 3 months 
   - Increased compliance is a cloud solution, with no capital expenditure and we provide free trials of the software to perform real reconciliations before you commit to the solution. Go to How it Works for an overview of the product and Contact Us to arrange a demonstration or free trial.

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