How it Works

Our Statement Matching Solution automatically imports data from your ERP system(s) on a daily basis. Paper and PDF statements are converted to electronic files and uploaded within 24 hours as part of the service and Excel files are uploaded directly using the Import from Excel function. 

Regardless of how the data is uploaded, the solution will automatically match your statements against the ERP data and the match results are available to view via selection screen, see below:

Selection screen new

 On the next screen the user sees a list of statments and their statuses based on the selection they made, see below:

Selecting an item from the list above will display the reconciliation results with the Statement Data on the left, Invoice Data on the right and Unmatched ERP Invoices (invoices on the ERP system, which are not on the statement) displayed below. The statement in the screenshot below is showing three matched Invoices and a missing Credit.  

From here, users can view the image, add notes, match documents, update the status, download results (Excel or PDF) and email the reconciliation report to the vendor. 

In addition to emailing the reconciliation report to the vendor, the solution also provides an Audit Report, which can be customised to meet internal and external audit requirements. Typical fields include vendor, dates, balances, blocked documents, documents on the ledger, but not on the statement and vice versa and all of this can be broken down by ERP system.  

Our solution is designed to be managed by the user without the need to call IT or an external partner and an example of this is being able to manage the different statuses, which are easily configurable from the screen below.

The solution is hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform in the cloud and we can have you up and running in 3 days including training. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how it works by providing a live demonstration, so please contact us for more information.